Validation Tokens

Validation tokens are unique codes that enable Irish Charities that have been validated by ENCLUDE to obtain nonprofit offerings from our partners.

The Validation Services currently include:

How do I get a validation token?
To start, select the appropriate link above, and then follow the on-screen prompts to get your validation token.

What is a validation token?
Validation tokens are used by nonprofits that have been validated by ENCLUDE to get offers directly from donors outside of the ENCLUDEit Programme.

Validation tokens are not needed to request donated products from the ENCLUDEit Programme.

Who can get a validation token?
Only individuals listed with ENCLUDEit as authorised agents for your nonprofit can get a validation token.

If desired, the authorised agent can create multiple unique tokens for specific people at your organisation.

After my organisation is validated, how soon can I use my token?
You can create and use your validation token approximately 30 minutes after ENCLUDE validates your organisation.

What does a validation token look like?
A validation token is a string of letters and numbers that typically ends with a part of an organisation's name. Here's an example: 123a4567@MyOrgName.

Can I use the same validation token with more than one donor?
Yes, you can use the same validation token with all donors.

When will my validation token expire?
Each validation token lasts 60 days, but the services you have already received with that validation token will not be affected when it expires.

Whom can I contact if I have more questions about how to get or use my validation token?
Send an email to customerservice@encludeit.org