The Adobe donation Programme at ENCLUDEit Technology Donations Programme provides a range of donated software products to eligible non-profit organisations throughout Ireland.

You can use Adobe products to edit images, design websites, publish newsletters, create video and audio productions, and more.

Eligibility and Restrictions Criteria

If eligible, your organisation may receive a donation of either one Adobe application suite or four individual Adobe products within a fiscal year.

Consult the Eligibility Criteria page to review your organization's eligibility to participate in this programme.

For further information about the Adobe Donation Programme, please see:


·  Eligibility Criteria

·  Entitlement

·  Products


We are happy to announce that eligible organisations can now request donations of Acrobat Pro and the Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements bundle through the Adobe donation programme.  Adobe Creative Suite 6 will no longer be available through the ENCLUDEit Technology Donation programme.  However, we are excited to continue our partnership with Adobe and hope to make some of Adobe's new cloud-based products available to organisations later this year.