Meet the Team

Patricia Higgins

Patricia Higgins

Patricia is an Economics Graduate, with an M.A. in Non-Profit Management. She previously undertook System Analysis while working as a Management Consultant, before moving into the charity sector. Since then, she has gained 15 years’ experience in a variety of leadership roles, including National Youth Coordinator for Edmund Rice Centre and Manager of Canal Communities Intercultural Centre. She has also lectured in Non-Profit Economics at a Master’s degree level.

Marge Fitzsimons

Marge has recently joined the team. She is responsible for helping charities navigate the Tech donations programme and new offerings. Marge is passionate about helping others and loves how technology can support the amazing work done by so many people in incredible organisations in Ireland. Outside of ENCLUDE, Marge enjoys Dragon Boat racing.

We also help non-profit organisations to develop IT solutions to support their organisational needs. Meet our ENCLUDE people here!