Registering Your Organisation

The ENCLUDEit Programme offers donated technology products, from Donor Partners such as Microsoft, Cisco and Symantec, to eligible organisations via the online shop.

Before you are able to place an order, you will need to register your organisation and ENCLUDEit will need to confirm your organisation meets the required Eligibility Criteria.

The registration process is as follows:

  1. Register your organisation by clicking on the image on the left of the screen under or simply Click Here

  2. Send us a copy of your organisation's tax exemption letter confirming your Charity number, page(s) of your Memorandum and Articles of Association stating your "Object", and a letter of authorisation on headed paper from an officer or trustee (it should include confirmation of the organisations registered email address).  For more details, read our Eligibility Criteria.

  3. Once we have received your documentation, we will confirm your organisation’s eligibility status within five working days of receipt.

  4. If your organisation does meet the required eligibility criteria for at least one of our Donor Partners, confirmation will be emailed to your organisation’s registered email address and will contain the following information:

    • Your organisation’s log in details.
    • Which Donor Partners you are eligible to request products from, in the online shop.

  5. If your organisation does not meet the required Eligibility Criteria for at least one of our Donor Partners, notification will be emailed to your organisation’s registered email address.
Please see FAQs for further information.