Cisco Eligibility Criteria



  • The Cisco donation programme is available only to Irish organisations with non-profit status as granted by the Office of the Revenue Commissioners 
  • Donated product will be distributed under this programme to qualified organisations only, not to individuals.
  • Eligible organisations may request one donation of Cisco products per fiscal year (1 July – 30 June) with administrative fees totaling up to $3,000USD.

After the ENCLUDEit request is complete,  the ENCLUDEit Technology Donations Programme Cisco account management team might request additional information to verify that the organisation matches the Cisco philantropy guidelines, Cisco reserves the right to deny any donation request at any time. ENCLUDE will process payments for denied requests and will return submitted cheques to the requesting organisation.


Cisco requests may not include non-Cisco item requests. Any non-Cisco items must be requested separately so they are not subject to the Cisco processing delay. 



To be eligible for a Cisco donation, an organisation must have an annual budget of no more than $20 million USD (your organisation's most recent total revenue as reported on your tax form), have a CHY number and fall within one of the following organisational types. 

Direct-service organisations that primarily serve economically disadvantaged people are eligible to receive Cisco donations. Please make sure that your organisation's primary mission and services correspond to one of the following organisational types:


  • Health services: Health services, hospital auxiliaries; health clinics; rural medical facilities; blood banks; aid to persons with disabilities, community health planning, mental health care facilities, patient and family support, hospices
  • Housing services: low-income housing services
  • Job training, and literacy support: apprentice training; job counselling or assistance; remedial reading and encouragement

The following types of organisations are not eligible to receive Cisco donations through this programme:

  • Organisations that provide care and housing for the aged, even if they were previously eligible
  • Faith-based organisations. However, organisations whose primary mission is nonreligous might be able to register with an organisation type that is eligible for Cisco donations. See What our partner TechSoup and ourselves offer Faith-Based Organisations for more information.
  • Legislative and political advocacy groups, such as Planned Parenthood organisations.
  • Youth services organisations other than those listed above for education, job training, and literacy support to underserved populations
  • Inner city or community organisations, except for community service organisations
  • Radio, television, media, publishing programmes, or training
  • Foundations, lending, grant-making organisations, or organisations that provide funding or loans
  • Schools & scholarships: Public schools or school systems, Private schools, Charter schools, School foundations, Booster clubs or other fundraising organisations affiliated with particular school, Colleges, universities, Scholarships/stipend programmes of any kind
  • Charities that offer Cisco Networking Academy training programmes even if they were previously accepted for Cisco grants and those who instruct Networking Academy curriculum as a single or separate component of their overall mission and/or services
  • Referral services
  • Animal care services and facilities
  • Scientific research activities
  • Sports Activities and services
  • Day care centres
  • Legal aid, credit counselling, and civil rights activities
  • Museums
  • Art, cultural, and environmental education organisations
  • Libraries
  • Camps
  • Zoos
  • Rescue and emergency services — fire departments (including volunteer) and ambulance and helicopter services
  • Emergency or disaster aid funds
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Outpatient services
  • Any organisation that advocates, supports, or practices discrimination based upon age, ethnicity, gender, national origin, disability, race, size, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic background

All Cisco products include five years of Cisco SMARTnet service and support on both hardware and software. Three weeks after your donation has arrived in its entirety, your SMARTnet contract will be available on the Donation Request page in your ENCLUDEit account. After that coverage expires, donation recipients are strongly encouraged to renew their SMARTnet service and support agreement annually, for as long as they own the equipment or until that equipment is declared end of life (EOL) and no longer supported by Cisco.


An organisation may receive no more than one donation of Cisco products per fiscal year.  

Requests may be partially fulfilled: Due to the nature of the network design, product availability, and fiscal year schedules, all product donations are subject to change or delay without notice. Cisco reserves the right to substitute functionally equivalent products for any request.

Warranty information for Cisco products can be found at:

Cisco products may not be transferred or resold.

Recipient organisations are required to sign an Equipment Donation Agreement.

Please see Cisco EMEA Programme FAQs for further information.