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Microsoft is pleased to partner with ENCLUDE to donate a wide variety of software products to non-profit organisations. Hundreds of professional and enterprise Microsoft products are available. The ENCLUDEit Technology Donation Programme charges a small administrative fee to donation recipients to enable us to offer our services to you.

Organisations must meet all of the Microsoft rules, eligibility, and restrictions guidelines to be able to receive software donations through this programme.


Learn More About the Microsoft Donation Programme
The ENCLUDEit Technology Donations Programme encourages organisations to visit our 
Overview of the Microsoft Donation Programme. There you can learn about the quantity of products an organisation can request and specific procedures to follow for returns. This page also provides an overview of the benefits and rules of the Microsoft Volume Licensing programme, through which the donated products are made available, along with links to help you find additional information at both The ENCLUDEit Donations Programme and Microsoft.

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