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Cisco Programme Update


We regret to inform you that the Cisco Donation Program will not be offering Security Appliances, Switches and their accessory products at this time. Increased demand for Cisco products has exceeded the program's inventory, and these products have been taken out of stock. Members will be able to place requests for Security Appliances and Switches when the program resumes full operation, tentatively scheduled for November 1, 2016. 

Note that the Cisco Donation Program allows for only one donation request per fiscal year. If you need to place a request that includes security appliances or switches, please do not place your request until these products are available on November 1st. Eligible organizations may request one donation of Cisco products per fiscal year (1 July – 30 June) with administrative fees totaling up to $2,500.  





Cisco Donation Program 

The Cisco Worldwide Programme brings Cisco’s best-in-class networking products and technology to qualifying Irish Charities.

It is Cisco’s goal to empower communities through improved networking solutions and adoption of Internet Technology solutions. Cisco believes that technology enables charities to improve their productivity, while also extending their reach and service delivery.

For further information about the Cisco Worldwide Programme, please see Cisco Worldwide Program FAQs. For further information about Cisco’s Community and Philanthropy programmes, please see Cisco Community Investment. You may also want to visit our Cisco Useful Links section.

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